President - Roy Henderson
A DOCSA member for a number of years, Roy kept the Club liquid as Barman.
M: 0400 230 659 


Vice-President - Paul Caroscio
Paul is an enthusiastic member of DOCSA Riding a Ducati Monster 1200.
M: 0402 336 449


This Position is currently vacant.

If you would like to help the club, feel free to volunteer 


Treasurer - Carole Fear
Carole and her husband Kevin particpate in most club events and are developing a real taste for track days.
M: 0407 186 906

Barman - Kevin Fear

Kevin rides a Ducati Multistrada and doubles as a Ride Ca[tain and is an active particpant in club events.

M: 0402 446 409

Merchandise - Betty Bailey
Betty is managing the range of DOCSA merchandice available. A very active Flag Marshall, Betty is a very strong Club supporter.
M: 0417 863 938

Editor - Paul Heck
Paul has stepped in to help edit Il Duce, the DOCSA Magazine. Please send Paul articles or suggestions for the magazine
M: 0410 470 309

Asst. Editor - Michael Myles
Mick is a very long term member of DOCSA, previously being President & Treasurer. He is also the DOCSA Historic Officer.
M: 0411 886 684

Social Sec/Fundraising - Paul Neale
Paul organises various social events and activities. He is also responsible for fund raisng.

M: 0409 094 789


Road Race Rep - Danny Ahern
Danny represents DOCSA on the Road Racing Committe who are resposnble for overseeing Road Racing in SA.
M: 0407 826 951

Child Safety Office -Kate Clarke
Kate is responsible for providing statutory child protection services for DOCSA.
M: 0434 886 370