DOCSA is listed with the Historic Vehicle Register and is able to offer Historic Registration (with log book) to all vehicles that meet the criteria.

New Rules & Regulations

  • The South Australian Government have changed the rules back to a rolling 30-year age acceptance into the Conditional Registration Scheme.
  • This means as from 1st January 2018 all vehicles manufactured up to 1988 are now eligible.
  • Slight modifications are now accepted.
  • Once off initial inspection only.
  • No need for Statutory Declaration forms any more with yearly Log Book signing
This is a run down on what you need to do to keep legally riding or driving your Histpric Registered machine
  • You must make sure your membership is always current with our Club.
  • Your Government Vehicle Registration must be current as well.
  • Your Log Book must be signed and entered before departure every time you use your vehicle.
  • Log Book must be signed every year by one of our Historcial Registration Officers to be valid & current.
  • Log Books must be signed by the end of August of the new Financial Year. (Note - DOCSA's financial year is the same as the Governments Financial Year & runs from July 1 to June 30).
  • Slight Modifications are now acceptable.
  • Strictly 90 Days per year is the maximum usage.
If any one of these points has not been met you are using your vehicle illegally and could be putting not just yourself in jeopardy but our club as well.
Cost details for those people who are eligble by having a vehicle that is 30 years or older:
  • Club Membership                     $50 per year
  • Log Book                                  $20 (a new Log Book is required every 3 years)
  • SA Government Registration    $75 per year (roughly)

Historical Registration Officers

Mick Myles
Daryl Hitchens
Ph: 0413 568 686